Photography Know How Has Changed

If you have been to Photography Know How before you probably have noticed that it has recently changed.

It has a new look and new format. You’ll still find all of the original free content with digital camera information, tips on buying digital cameras, and lots of info on taking better pictures. And there is more to come.

Part of maintaining a growing site is being able to keep it organized. This new format will help do this, allowing me more time to spend on adding valuable content.

Just click the content menu links on the right and you’ll set a list of all the topics in that category. Just choose the ones you are interested in. As new items are added to the site they will be listed in the Recent Articles section on the sidebar as well, so you can quickly find any new topics.

So welcome to the new look and I hope you enjoy it and find it easy to use. Thank you for visiting and come back often.

Here’s to better photography …

Al Hannigan

Al Hannigan