Photo Composition – Choose Your Subject

Choosing Your Subject Every good photo has a subject, and in a great photo the subject is what attracts the viewer immediately. In some photos, the subject may be quite obvious … an expressive face, a colorful Autumn landscape, or some sort of dramatic news event. And in others, the subject may be more subtle […]

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Photo Composition – Rule of Thirds

A well known rule of composition is the “rule of thirds”. Imagine your image divided into a grid of 9 equal parts, similar to a tic tac toe grid. Where these lines intersect are known as power points, or strong points of interest. Artists have been applying this rule for centuries. Tweet

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Composition In Photography

Composition in Photography

Photo composition is simply: “the art of subjective arranging”. Or what to do with all that stuff. Composition is really about choices. What is your subject? What do you want to say about the subject? Or what is the subject saying about you? What do you include and what do you leave out? And how do you arrange everything that is included?

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