A New Canon Digital Camera for This Year!


Canon is a well known company. Among the many products that Canon sells is that of cameras. Of the different varieties of Canon cameras the new Canon digital camera for this year is that of the Canon EOS 400D. This new Canon digital camera is packed with many new features that makes this an ideal camera for both the novice photographer and the experienced professional.

In this new Canon digital camera you will find that the handling of this Canon digital camera is easy. The compact size of the camera also allows you to hold the camera with one hand should the need arise.

The numerous features that are available for this new Canon digital camera range in a wide spectrum. This digital camera has a 10 million pixel sensor, and the shutter speeds for this new canon digital camera are 30 seconds to 1/4000 seconds in addition to the Bulb mode. The lens that is used is that of a Canon EF/EF-S lens.

The Canon EOS 400D has a lighting quick auto focus system. You will also find a fantastic evaluative metering capability on this new Canon digital camera. The entire approach to handling the camera is easy and simple. The LCD which is located on the back is large enough to provide you with clear details.

The media type needed is that of a CompactFlash 1 and 2. The focal length for this new canon digital camera is given at 1.6 x.

With these traits you will find that using this digital camera is easy and the approach has been simplified with regards to the handling of the camera body.

Since the body of the camera is plastic, it is lightweight and sturdy. You should handle the camera body with some care though. The handgrip that is found to one side of the camera body will let you hold the camera one handedly.

There is however a drawback that you will find in using the Canon EOS 400D. The hand grip that is found on the camera is pencil thin which prevents you from getting a good strong grip on the digital camera.

Other than this drawback the new Canon digital camera is worth the money that you are paying for it. When you look through the range of cameras you will notice that this Canon EOS 400D can provide you with all of the items that you need for your pursuit of that perfect shot.