Buying a Canon Digital Camera


Buying a Digital Camera

Sad to say there that are more dishonest discount camera stores than you’ll find in almost any other business. Some of the popular photography magazines are cram full of ads advertising very low prices. What they don’t tell you is that you won’t ever actually get the camera for that price. Either they will add on in shipping charges or they will be “out of stock” on that model, but they will have a more expensive model available of course. Sometimes they’ll tell you that the advertised camera is plastic in made in Taiwan, but for another you can get the model made in Japan. Sometimes they’ll ship you the wrong item in the hope that it will be too much trouble to send it back. Shop in the ads at the back of magazines based only on the lowest price you see and most of the time you’ll be sorry.

 However, there are reputable discount dealers on the internet.

There is a lot of things you can say about a digital camera, but nobody can say that they are not a lot of fun. Just being able to snap away without worrying about costs of film and see instant results is the greatest thing since the invention of photography. But please do all your friends and family a favor: just because you shoot more pictures, doesn’t mean they want to see all of them so pick out the best and only show those!


Some cameras work with AA size batteries, others come with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and adapter to charge it. Both systems have their merits. You can buy pretty powerful rechargeable AA batteries (2000mA), but still a Lithium-Ion battery specifically designed for your camera is likely to give better performance. If you choose a camera that uses a special battery with it’s own charger, getting a second one is probably the smart thing to do; you will one day forget to charge, stay away from a wall socket too long or take more pictures than anticipated. For other cameras you can get very powerful, but expensive, lithium disposable batteries, if you go away for longer, carrying one of those as backup could be a good idea. Personally, except for the most casual of shooter, I recommend a camera that comes with rechargeable lithium-ions, but be sure to buy a spare (or two) if you do heavy shooting.

Canon Digital Cameras:

Performance and Style, Digital ELPH Cameras

The Canon’s Point and shoot Digital ELPH’s are easy to use and boast an array of helpful shooting modes, creative features and advanced functions in an incredibly portable package.

Powershot SD990 is Digital ElPH is ready to use. It has a higher level of pace-setting technology and image brilliance. Only one glance at the sleek, sculptured profile, and you know this is a camera driven by design and features. Style without compromise is the perfect complement to this model’s most advanced feature line up.

Powershot SD970 IS digital elph has cool curves and powerful features. It is a fun new way to operate this camera with smart auto that makes all your shots better effortlessly, and there’s a new user-friendly interface. It’s amazing resolution and expanded editing options are yours with this 12.1mp, and you can create HD movies with this one. 

Powershot SD960 IS digital camera is a camera unlike any other with the way it captures the vibrant spontaneity of the world before you. The Pros of this camera are its easy to use, simple controls and menu, nice features and setting, bright lcd, excellent image quality.

Powershot SD880 Is digital camera is a gem. It’s light and easy to carry, with easy to use control, the i-contrast feature alone is worth the price. As it effectively eliminates the unpleasant dilemma of choosing between washed out highlights or murky shadow areas in a high contrast situation.

Powershot SD780 IS may be the slimmest elph that canon has ever created, but the impact couldn’t be bigger. The pictures print out beautifully and this camera takes crisp pictures in almost any condition. It’s simple to use and powers on in about 2 sec.

Powershsot SD890 IS digital incorporates the most powerful optical zoom in the elph line. A 10.0mp ccd heads up a long list of advanced features that not only deliver ultra impressive image quality, but make the entire experience fun, exciting, and creatively rewarding.

Powershot SD790 IS includes a 10mp of resolution plus face detection and motion detection technology that delivers the ultimate in crisp, clear, amazingly detailed images. The view finder for this camera is a 3.0 in pure color lcd ll screen. The screen is easy to view at wide angles and perfect for gathering a group around to see your images.

Powershot SD1100 IS digital is the ultimate image maker. It’s easy to use, blurry pictures are a thing of the past now. It delivers canon’s most advanced technology features for a new level of pictures taking pleasure.

Powershot SD770 IS digital camera. With this camera spectacular images are easy to create thanks to advanced canon technologies like face detection and motion detection that eliminates blur. This is a great point and shoot camera.