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“What the best Canon Digital SLR camera I should buy?” don’t ask a Nikon / Sony / Pentax SLR owner about that. Someone who owns several brand name cameras , and therefore owes hers / his allegiance to no one brand would probably be a better person to ask.

Well. Since you did ask, let’s have a look shall we. Canon makes one of the best selling and most critically reviewed entry level SLR cameras ever, for first time SLR owners. I would of course be referring to the Canon Digital Rebel XTi digital SLR camera. Its predecessor being the Canon Digital Rebel XT, and it’s successor, the Canon Digital Rebel XSi.

You really can’t go wrong with any model from the Canon Rebel lineup, if you’ve never owned a Canon Digital SLR Camera before, and are a little nervous about taking the plunge. Your final choice of these three cameras will really come down to a compromise between newer technology and price.

All of them capable of taking great pictures, and every experienced photographer will tell you, the most important feature in any camera. Is the ability of the person with his finger on the shutter button. For everyone who have larger budget, the Canon EOS 30D or the Canon EOS 40D both make excellent choices .

The few features you’ll find in  Canon Digital SLR Camera are less image noise, a nicer LCD, and better kit lenses. Moreover, there are more manual controls to tweak, so a steeper learning curve is to be expected. More controls are nice however, as the potential for artistic expression is greatly increased.

Be sure to know the differences. Full frame, means that you have an image sensor (CCD), that corresponds with th old 35mm film SLR cameras . To some, full frame is the holy grail of digital photography. If the phrase full frame technology means anything to you, your probably already salivating over the Canon EOS 5D without the lens kit for about 00.

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  1. Katie says:

    I’d always recommend Canon or Nikon cameras but then again they’re the only brands I’ve ever used. Great post.