Canon EOS 50D versus Canon Rebel T2i – How Do You Choose Which is Best


Are you wanting to come to a decision concerning a dslr for private use? It could get complicated, right?

What about the difference between Canon’s latest rave, the Canon Rebel T2i vs EOS 50D?

Let’s start with cost, because that is a good starting place.

Apples to apples – body only (no lens included), you may get canon’s Rebel T2i (5) for around 5 less than a Canon EOS 50D (9). In fact, since the development of the Canon EOS 7D, the price tag on the 50D has dropped considerably, however, there is more for you to consider.

Despite the fact that the canon Rebel T2i is suggested as an “basic” dslr, the features rival and also exceed the 50D in several areas. It’s kind of difficult to think of the T2i like a camera simply for newbies in the SLR photography marketplace. There are lots of pro and semi-pro photogs that are getting one for a back up to their more professional product.

The primary advantages of the Canon Rebel T2i vs EOS 50D:

1. Video – this function is completely lacking in the 50D. And the T2i has improved dramatically over it’s elder brother (T1i). The recording is pretty darn excellent, although it is not quite just like a dedicated video camera. However it truly is an advantage to have both still and video in the exact same camera.

2. Resolution – The Canon Rebel T2i is a full 3-megapixels above the EOS 50D. The image quality is increasing as well, when compared with older Rebel versions.

3. Exposure Compensation – The Canon Rebel T2i sports a /-5. full stops while the EOS 50D can only range /-2. stops.

4. Zone Metering – The Canon 50D has 35 point evaluative metering which is not bad, but the T2i comes with an all new 63 point evaluative metering system.

Now, if you are just starting out with a digital SLR, you might not get too excited about things like exposure compensation and zone metering. Maybe you don’t know what they are, which is the precise point of the comment above that the Canon Rebel T2i shouldn’t be considered a camera only for novices. With this camera, Canon has “raised the bar” for entry level digital SLRs.

Let’s take a quick glance at the benefits of the EOS 50D vs the Canon Rebel T2i:

1. Build quality – It has the “feel” of a much more professional camera.

2. AF system – Faster, more accurate auto focus, using a microfocus adjustment.

3. Quick Control Dial – This particular dial on the rear of the camera allows owners to get quickly to the majority of camera controls.

4. Continuous Shooting – Faster burst rate at 6.3 frames per second vs 3.7.

5. Shutter speed – 1/8000th of a second is doubly fast as opposed to 1/4000th.

Important thing – The arena is getting smaller. When selecting a dslr camera, you should certainly examine the features to judge them against the needs you have. Quite a few photography enthusiasts have discovered that even the entry level cameras are totally perfect for giving them an excellent image just like the higher end, much more costly cameras.

The Canon Rebel T2i is a remarkable digital SLR which can compete with the big boys in a few very significant areas. It is well worth considering getting a T2i rather than an EOS 50D. In fact, it is almost a given that the engineers at Canon are hard at work coming up with an EOS 60D to make camera buying even more interesting.

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