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Question by beachbabe4747: Digital camera?

I have a digital camera and its been acting weird. I won’t let you take pictures because it says on the bottom right corner that its on lock. I looked through the manual and I asked a bunch of people but they don’t know how to get it off lock. Anyone know?

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Answer by ( Kelly )
Well, I don’t know what brand of camera you have.

If you are absolutely sure it’s not in the manual, how about you try Googling it… or go to the brand name website. If it doesn’t say anything on their website or on Google, you can try calling a contact number (should be on the website) and just quickly ask them. They should be able to help you out.

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  1. GreyToes_99 says:

    Help can be provided by the online support from the manufacturer.

    That is an important bit of info you need to provide for anyone to help

  2. water_skipper says:

    Tell us the model. It might be referring to the lock on a door. Make sure the memory card is inserted firmly and all that.