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Photography is all about visual expression… using a camera to freeze in time those moments that are soon gone forever.

In this section we will be exploring the “Visual Language of Photography”. Learning to use light, composition and more to communicate ideas and move from taking ‘ snapshots ‘ to creating exciting photographic images.

Light is one of the most powerful tools to master in photography, and it is important to learn to see light and know how to use it effectively in your photos.

The section on light focuses on seeing light the way the camera sees it and how the quality and direction of light can make a difference in your photos.

Composition in Photography in photography is all about arranging the elements in your photos for maximum impact. You will not only learn some of the basic guidelines of composition, but the reasons behind these so called “rules of composition”.

Other topics will be added to this category as well… such as:

  • Motion :a still photo of something that moves? To freeze it or not to freeze it … and how.
  • Selective focus : what’s sharp and what’s not. It is up to you.
  • Texture : can you feel it?
  • Pattern : Are the shadows more interesting than the objects casting them?
  • Silhouettes : is your message lost in the details?
  • Moods : we all have them. Maybe your pictures should too.

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