Nikon D5000 review by What Digital Camera


Video review of the Nikon D5000 DSLR by What Digital Camera magazine. For our full in-depth text review of this camera, plus sample images and product photos, visit

Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. dhoy005 says:

    @WhatDigitalCamera 550D or D5000?

  2. WhatDigitalCamera says:

    @MrKorean30 No, it uses an APS-C size sensor.

  3. MrKorean30 says:

    hello. is nikon d5000 is a full-frame camera?! thank you.

  4. tstarkisironman says:

    he films himself in movie theatres lol

  5. jerryteflon says:

    Unlike yourself I have been out today using my camera, not writing silly posts.
    I asked why and you gave a good answer,I’ve had 3 nikons , the Canon I had I found tricky to use, image quality i found nothing between them.

  6. sergionuno says:

    @jerryteflon This is just my personal opinion, but 1st of all i must say that im not Canon or Nikon kind of fan, i have no problem in using bouth brands, acording to the model, and i had contact with many cameras, in fact my actual camera is the Pentax K7.
    Now, for my personal opinion, the d5000 takes good quality pictures in almost any condition, and also has the Active D-lighting funcion.
    But by the way, why not the new Pentax K5?

  7. jerryteflon says:

    @sergionuno Why ?……

  8. jerryteflon says:

    @sergionuno Why ?

  9. sergionuno says:

    @NAGULNR2 in terms of image quality i would go with the nikon d5000

  10. sergionuno says:

    @neftyjac How about Pentax K5?

  11. iZtiGAko says:

    @neftyjac I Would Recomend d5000 because all lens age is aquirable to all Nikon Cameras .. Lol im still a kid Grammar aint that good.

  12. LTF85199 says:

    I wished it was side hinged LCD screen instead of at the bottom

  13. NAGULNR2 says:

    nikon 5000d or the canon eos 500d?

  14. ToWriteOfLaura says:

    Nikon D500 or Nikon D3100 , which one is better

  15. xROBERTxDAVISx says:

    @EqRiderExtreme 5d mk II of course as it doesnt compare to the other 2 you listed

  16. EqRiderExtreme says:

    Should I Get the Nikon D5000, Sony a55 SLR, or the EOS 5D Mk. II? I really need help deciding. Please Respond! 🙂

  17. CametaCameras says:

    $400 Brand New Nikon D5000 at

  18. Lynx749 says:

    Im glad they placed lower resolution LCD so that it wont consume much electricity

  19. kepukaii says:

    That is the most random place i have ever seen someone conduct a review….I feel like you just went to see a movie and you waited until everyone left…

  20. khoihq says:

    @themissphotography d5000

  21. leslycatly12 says:

    yeaa I hav it

  22. Pugyxandrew says:

    dose this camera have DOF preview and can you change the metering type with you eye to the viewfinder?

  23. themissphotography says:

    Hi. I want to ask you. I am going to buy a dslr. I will need to make video & taking pictures. Which camera would you recommend to me? I would like to buy neither D5000 nor D3000.

  24. vjena007 says:

    you can now buy it from Amazon U.K for £449.99 (NEW) !

  25. maartenskateboarder says:

    Does an old lens without atoufocus for analog cameras works on it ?