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Polaroid Z340

Polaroid goes digital with an instant camera and built in printer. Remember the polaroid cameras back in the film days? The fun of seeing instant prints was unique and quite popular. Digital changed all that, since we can now see our images immediately on the LCD screen.

But it still isn’t quite the same as having prints. Polaroid is hoping the love of instant prints will result in it’s new camera catching on. Here’s a report from the folks at The Inquisitr (note: Their title says Z350, but the article says it’s the Z340 which I believe is the correct model number)

Polaroid Z350 Instant Digital Camera Goes On Sale – The Inquisitr


Fans of Polaroid cameras have a new reason to celebrate today after the company officially began selling the Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera which marries the convenience of instant polaroid pictures with a 14 megapixel digital camera.

The new offering uses a ZINK printer to offer on the fly digital 3×4? prints and the system provides the ability to customize photos between snaps with sharing capabilities.

According to Polaroid President Scott W. Hardy:

“Polaroid photos connect people together in a way that is more personal than any photo tag, slideshow or comment box, yet digital images shape our stories.”

Scott adds, “The Z340 brings these two worlds together in harmony by merging the excitement of the instant printing experience with the ease of digital photography and sharing. We’re very excited to share the wonders of instant photography with a new generation.”

Using the ZINK second-generation printer Polaroid is also promising smudge-proof, water-resistant coating.

The Polaroid Z340 is capable of printing 25 photos with 75 captures using a rechargeable lithium-ion battery while providing picture takers with a 2.7? LCD screen that makes photo printing easy?

The camera also offers an on-board SD card for extra image storage.

The Polaroid Z340 is available for $299.99 from the likes of Polaroid.com, B&H, Adorama and Amazon.com. For instant prints users will pay $19.99 MSRP for 30 sheets of Polaroid ZINK 3×4? paper.

Are you going to pick up a Polaroid Z340 for personal use? With digital technology and cheap nearly instant printing available at most one-hour photo locations these days it will be interesting to see how well this camera manages to sell.

I tend to agree that “cheap nearly instant printing” makes the polaroid print costs a bit less attractive, but then even back in the film days, polaroid prints were more costly than normal printing services. So we’ll soon see how well this camera does.

What do you think, is the satisfaction of instant prints worth the extra costs? Share your opinion by commenting below.

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