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Thank you for visiting my site, and for your interest in Photography Know How. Here you can discover a bit more about me (probably more than you wanted to know) , how to contact me, and the reasons I enjoy creating this site.

Al HanniganTo begin, my name is Al Hannigan and this site came about mainly as a way to continue my lifelong passion for photography.

I began my training for a career in professional photography at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA.

After my training, I went to NYC, where I continued to learn by working at several different studios. I also did a lot of freelance photojournalism, and taught professional photography in one of NYC’s schools of photography.

I taught courses in general commercial photography, B&W darkroom technique, color transparency processing, and studio photography.

But the real story lies in all the wonderful days and nights I spent taking pictures … and even being paid to do it. Seemed almost like stealing, taking money for something I would probably be doing anyway!

Those days were great. My friends were artists, musicians, writers and actors. I often photographed them at work, at play and even provided them with photos they used to promote their own undertakings.

In turn, I got to see some great performances, had backstage privileges, was constantly being creatively challenged and stimulated … and found myself actually being hired to do more of the same.

I was doing portfolios for models and actors, doing publicity shots of upcoming plays, going to concerts with the top names in music at that time… The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendricks, BB King, ELO, Judy Collins, CCR, Moody Blues …. oh oh, guess my age is showing.

I could do an entire website just on some of the experiences I had during those wonderful and sometimes turbulent years.

I also covered many of the marches and protests that were such a big part of that era… Nixon at the Washington Monument, protest marches on the White House, the infamous Panther Trials and more such history changing events.

Being tear gassed, ducking flying objects, running from the baseball bat sized clubs being swung by the riot control police … neither side really cared much for the camera guys.

Oh yeah, this was supposed to be about the fun I had during those years!

Well, we all grow up sometime and start thinking about living a normal life, raising a family and getting a ”real job” …. so I married and settled down somewhat. When we decided to have a child we agreed that NYC might not be the best place for her ( we knew it had to be a her) to grow up.

So we relocated to Atlanta, GA. where I opened my first photography studio. It started with general commercial photography which means any photo assignment you can get to stay in business! Eventually, it grew to what I refer to as an advertising and catalog production company.

We provided turn-key services which included catalog design, photography, typesetting and printing. Believe it or not, I enjoyed that as much as I did my earlier adventures … and it was oh so much more stable.

I eventually sold the studio and moved to California. I continued my photography, but only as a hobby rather than professionally, since I wanted to take pictures for my own enjoyment without having to satisfy a client’s demands.

When digital came along I decided to see what it was all about, and I shortly came to realize what a great tool it was for learning photography. It’s so easy to experiment with new ideas, or go off in unknown directions and try different effects that might not be practical or even possible with conventional film photography.

This site was built mainly as a way of getting back into teaching photography. And since digital is faster and less costly than film, it’s a great tool for learning.

Mostly, this site is about the things I learned myself with years of shooting professionally as well as my own love of art. Amateurs have the freedom to choose their subjects. They can shoot whatever they choose to. And like the professional most want results worth showing.

So I invite you to get involved. You can use the contact form below if you want to ask questions, make suggestions, or have ideas that you think would make this site better.

If possible seek out other creative people and explore different ideas and different viewpoints. Remember, a photograph is a reflection of who you are, and you are constantly changing. Master your craft and let the world hear from you.

Click Here to Contact Us and then go out and take pictures!

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