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A Series of Tips on Buying Digital Cameras



Shopping for a digital camera can be both fun and frustrating.  While it is fun to see all the exciting features and bells and whistles that are available, when it comes right down to choosing the right camera for you to buy … well, all those options can be frustrating and make your choice more difficult.

First, it is usually helpful to narrow down your choices. Price is often a good starting point … having a general price range in mind helps narrow your choices considerably, but still  can leave you way too many makes and models from which to make your final choice.

A look at the kind of photography you enjoy and how you’ll be using the camera most of the time is another good way to help narrow down the field. The articles listed below cover some of the choices you will need to make when deciding which digital camera to buy.

Step 1: How Will You Use Your Digital Camera?

How you plan to use your digital camera can influence what size camera is best and which features you may want.

Step 2: Resolution- How Many Megapixels Do You Need?

How do you decide how many megapixels you should get? Some tips to help you understand just what megapixels are and why they are important.

Step 3: Features- Which Features Do You Want?

Digital cameras offer many features that allow you to have more control over the photos you want to get. This article explains some of these features and what they do.

Overviews and Reviews of Popular Cameras

Once you have narrowed down your options,  the next step is reading up on the overviews and reviews of those cameras that might still be on your wish list. That task too can be extremely time consuming and not always really helpful. Many review sites are little more than “sales” pitches for the cameras they review.

While I may earn commissions on cameras listed on this site, I am not a reviewer, nor do I personally review the cameras featured in the review section. My purpose is mainly to sift through the multitude of information available for many of the most popular digital cameras available and present a summary of the best info I find.

The camera articles are designed to save you time by highlighting the main features of a specific model,  adding a few notes from some of the more reputable reviews I find on the camera and adding in my own 2 cents worth when appropriate.  I also provide you with links to the sites where I gathered the info, so you can read the full review and/or details of those cameras you’re most interested in.

Hope you find these suggestions useful when shopping for your next digital camera.

One more suggestion … even if you intend to purchase your camera online, it is still a good idea to go to a store and actually handle the camera you plan to buy.

You’re photography will be much more rewarding if you are comfortable with the camera you use.

Here’s to better photography …

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