Canon EOS 550D Digital SLR Camera – Part 1 – Unboxing


Canon EOS 550D Digital SLR Camera – Part 1 – Unboxing. In this video I show you the Canon EOS 550D 18-55mm Lens Kit. Please check back on the channel regularly for further videos showing the performance of this brand new camera.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Canon EOS 550D Digital SLR Camera – Part 2 – Product Tour. In this video I take a look at the camera close up, with a tour around the various buttons and control dials. More EOS 550D videos coming soon, so keep check the Geekanoids Channel. Supplied by: Manufacturer: Sponsor: Check out more great reviews on my YouTube Channel: You can also find tech & gadget news on: For reviews, opinion & news visit:

Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. SteinkjerSkate says:

    I gonna buy this one.

  2. davomrmac says:

    @Sat13K8 Cool. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Sat13K8 says:

    @jockvideos No offence, but you’re poor!

  4. Sat13K8 says:

    My dad got it today! It rocks!

  5. MTBiker152 says:

    Ha your accent is funny

  6. MoonsaultTV says:

    @NAGULNR2 Go for canon. Maybe it’s just me, but i prefer canon.

  7. mattfullbris says:

    I hate these videos – just make me jealous! Wish I was unboxing mine…

  8. davomrmac says:

    @jockvideos It comes with one year warranty from Canon. Extra, like Mack Warranty, about $70 (guess).

  9. jockvideos says:

    Man I’m trying to save up money for the camera, and read and watched so many things bout the camera that I just can’t spend a dime from all the money given me.

    Just 1 question, after buying the camera for $800 how much would warranty cost, I mean the price over all, my guess atleast $850, hopefully, please answer.

  10. davomrmac says:

    @manlymancheesepoo Either.

  11. manlymancheesepoo says:

    Is it a manual focus lens or an auto?

  12. dineshlibra81 says:

    @YgAriff Congrats
    How much u bought for

  13. NAGULNR2 says:

    nikon d90 or canon 550d?

  14. rorymorris1 says:

    @YgAriff How is it going for you, are you glad you went with it ?

  15. davomrmac says:

    @fresnoskaters22 Yes it does, 3.7fps.

  16. fresnoskaters22 says:

    does this shoot sequence shot and if so how many shots a secound

  17. mo7ebal5er says:

    i like this

  18. LenzShankz says:

    i luv my canon 550D!

  19. Renevidovic says:


  20. duffmeister11784 says:

    @davomrmac thank you so much for the info.. great video mate!! im still on a learning process with these beast..

  21. davomrmac says:

    @duffmeister11784 No chance of overcharging, the Canon charger won’t allow that. It takes about 90-120 minutes though.

  22. Chaloemphon says:

    Just sold mine las week. Found that my other 7D camera was easier to use

  23. duffmeister11784 says:

    i juz bought mine today.. and i juz want to, how long will i charge the battery? hope somebody will help me.. coz if i overcharged it there wud be a complication on the life span of the battery… pro advise is in need.. thnx… great vid!!!

  24. davomrmac says:

    @YgAriff Congrats!

  25. YgAriff says:

    Just got mine today

  26. HungAzn says:


    technically the sensor isn’t a full sensor, so it isn’t the best, but still larger than many camcorders.

  27. davomrmac says:

    @1234AEbell Low Light is OK, just better with some assistance, but more than useable. Works with Macs fine.

  28. 1234AEbell says:

    How good is this in low light recording i know this question has been asked by AETrainingDavid97 but i don’t think i will be going as dark as ghost hunting lol i think i will be needing it more for dusk shoots.
    One more question how well does it work on a Macs i know it is a stupid question as i have never really used a Canon.

  29. deathdemon128 says:

    Sorry. but i refuse to watch any unboxing videos till i get mine in the mail. btw awesome video

  30. AETrainingDavid97 says:

    @davomrmac Thanks for the quick reply 🙂

  31. davomrmac says:

    @AETrainingDavid97 With a wide selection of lenses, I think you could make this work in most situations. However, for ghost hunting, maybe look at low lux recording camcorders, check out the specs of offerings from Canon, Sony and Panasonic. Anyone else have any recommendations?

  32. AETrainingDavid97 says:

    This is quite a silly question.

    A simple way of putting it: Would this camera be good for low light, long recording?

    Longer way: Would this be good for amateur ghost “hunting?” I am both an aspiring film maker and ghost hunter.

    Or is this Canon great for almost all situations?

  33. tekho says:

    @JammatheGreat it isn’t really that advance for a first time slr user 😀 go buy it! it is a great Camera! it will be worth it…

  34. ripyred says:

    :P, this camera is truly amazing, i bought mine in japan when i went there on holiday for such a good deal, 2 lens kit for under £700 and a camera bag thrown in too :L, but in japan i reckon its got a better name :P, the Kiss X4

  35. willreynolds14 says:

    @JammatheGreat you can buy a new one off ebay for £474, shipping is £35 as t comes from hong kong. Thats what i did

  36. davomrmac says:

    @JammatheGreat Don’t be scared, you can start of in Auto or P mode and just learn a little at a time.

  37. JammatheGreat says:

    It’s £660 on at the moment with the kit lens. I’m really tempted but is too advanced for a first-time SLR user?

  38. davomrmac says:

    @tomproductions14 Stabiliser seemed good to me. Regarding your lens enquiry, what type of photography do you want it for?

  39. tomproductions14 says:

    so the image stabilizer lens is not that good ? so what lens should i buy my camera ? its canon eos 550D

  40. davomrmac says:

    @anthonyjthorne Thanks for your comment.

  41. anthonyjthorne says:

    Just bought this camera here in Oz and am finding these videos quite useful. I know that Canon seem to update these EOS releases every year or so but the 550 will do me for a while. I like the feel of it in the hand and it’ll take me a while to get my head around all the menus and functions. Thanks for making these walkthrough videos, they’re informative and easy to watch.

  42. davomrmac says:

    @Shriekmaw2010 Thanks for your comment.

  43. Shriekmaw2010 says:

    impressive HD vid feature except for its plastic body which is noticebly the downside of it. The cam itself look so amature in size. Overall its OK though. They should have made it more sturdy for ergonomics considerations.

  44. davomrmac says:

    @unbee73 thanks lol.

  45. unbee73 says:

    hahaha u wear funny sweaters xD

  46. davomrmac says:

    @Tennishead39 Cheers.

  47. Tennishead39 says:

    Very thorough product tour – good job. 😉

  48. davomrmac says:

    @NuwKiru I guess I was correct then 🙂

  49. davomrmac says:

    @HatroVille I guess I was right then 🙂

  50. HatroVille says:


    You get yor facts right RobertGarforth before arguing with someone else.
    well my facts are from Canon’s website, WIkipedia and claims from my store’s salesmen that it’s 95% viewfinder.