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Canon Powershot A480 Digital Camera



With its streamlined silhouette and smoothly curved edges, the Canon Powershot A480 Digital Camera has the compact sophistication and relaxed simplicity that make it a natural for beginners and everyone else who craves style and convenience. The 10.0-megapixel resolution and 3.3x optical zoom make it easy to capture the action in dazzling color and brilliant detail. The DIGIC III Image Processor keeps it all looking sharp. While a bright, bold 2.5-inch LCD makes shooting and playback a genuine pleasure.


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  • I bought this camera because I don’t have enough money to buy the expensive one and I needed it for my oath taking. I must say that I am satisfied with the picture quality for the price range. My friend’s camera is 20% more expensive but the picture quality sucks. So I recommend this camera for those who can’t afford the expensive ones for now. Hopefully I can replace it with a high end camera.

  • I dont know what you guys are talking about. I have this camera and it takes pretty awesome photo’s

  • Program is NOT the same thing as manual! Program just lets you change ISO and WB, no shutter speed or aperture, the important stuff!

  • It is not just a camera for a beginer. I have a Nikon D90 and I carry a Canon A480 on me when I am not out taking photos. Just to use as a “Snap shot” camera. This camera has its limits… It does not have a sports mode and it does not have a wide lens. For the money (I only paid £55 at Argos in the UK) It is GREAT for snap-shots. But this camera has its limits.

  • @Mylesiscool500 yeah it can actually focus in on little letters on like a coffee maker in movie mode in 480p

  • will any one guide me..my camera is best digital canon…now a days I display is not there to take picture or video…will any one tell how to correct it

  • My brother buy from Allegro “Premier DC5370 Digital Camera”.
    Camera has 5.0 mega pixels and 2.4″ TFT LCD Monitor, and 3x Super Zoom (f = 5.4 – 16.2 mm). I have a question, how the hell turn it ‘ON’ this peace of crap?

  • @ashthegreat Yes to an extent..But you can only work with what you have got. My friend gave me some photos to edit and they were a bit naff to start with, You cant polish a turd.
    Like I said I cant understand why people pay £90,000 for a car. To me a car is a tin box to get from A to B. So I bought a cheap run of the mill Ford Focus. But I cant and dont expect it to have all of the features & performance of a Porsche 911 Turbo.

  • @matsui2001
    Can’t you do these all by special effects with a photoshop program on a computer?

  • @ashthegreat Correct.. But dont expect this point and shoot to be as good as a DLSR
    They have there limits.. Example… I can fit a 10mm-20mm SUPER wide lens on my camera, Or a fish eye lens on my camera, Or a 800mm zoom, I can keep the shutter open for 30 seconds, Or 1/8000 of a second… This Canon point and shoot is just that.. A point and shoot.. REMEMBER YOU ONLY GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR ANY ITEM

  • @matsui2001
    Sure doesn’t look like you appreciate it that you would even work for your money in the first place lol.
    Well cars are different, people who like speed and showing off can buy expensive cars if they choose to do so – because they actually have a big difference unlike your cameras lol.
    What are you going to go around showing your camera off to people like you’re a big deal? Nobody gives a crap. I don’t mind if you choose to buy an expensive camera. It’s your opportunity cost not mine

  • @ashthegreat I think you have missed the point. I live in a free Country where I am free to spend £700 on a DSLR if I want to. Photography is my hobby so I spend more money on my camera,s. I cant believe some people spend £90,000 on a car or £2,000 on a bicycle. BUT if they want to then that is up to them.
    Please learn to live and let live!
    BTW I work very hard for my money.

  • @matsui2001
    Holy shit… You actually think I’m going to be jealous of some random dumbass on the internet who happens to inherit a large sum of money from his parents?
    Wow, you truly are immature and dismal.

    Be glad that you have the money and appreciate it by not whiping your ass with it every once in a while with a stupid camera.
    I bet you could have bought a computer twice as good with half the price. Well, no one can argue successfully with an arrogant show off like you.
    I dont care LOL.

  • Thanks for upload, its answered a lot of questions that shop assistants can’t. As the owner of a GR1s 35mm I know what a great bit of kit they are, but now that I know the digital version does time lapse, I’m sold.

  • I am trying to find a camera (compact or DSLR or camcorder) that can do about 4fps to 1fps.
    And it should record continuously into storage card, preferably into a large harddisk, like 1TB, over WIFI would be nice.
    Preferably as an mpeg4 video clip, for every 10 minutes of so.
    But single JPEG frames might be acceptable.
    It would be supplied by a mains to DC adapter.
    The intention is to leave it running unattended for years, and only retrieve after interesting events.

  • i have a canon ixus 85IS with timelapse feature @ 1 to 2 sec shot intervals. check out my timelapse videos. it is automatically saved as an avi file without having to go through quicktime pro, etc for compositing. thanks for this informative series of yours.

  • thanks for the legwork, i have been looking for a time lapse camera for years
    i had a pentax that arbitrarilly stopped at 1000 shots, lame.

  • I also remembered that… :p i have a 5800 and i have made a time-lapse script in python (sadly python just has access to 1280×960 resolutions).
    Now days most of phones have a camera with enough quality for timelapse, so any phone programable with camera API are able to do it.

    Another solution is an inexpensive CHDK compatible camera… CHDK (Canon Hack Development Kit) allows motion detection, intervalometer, manual controls and other goodies that aren’t usually available.

  • I love your videos. I wrote a freeware java program for my phone to take time lapse. Depending on the model, it will capture nearly every second for a virtually unlimited number of frames. It only works on newish Sony Ericsson phones. More info and examples on my channel. Nokia n97 has it built in, but 10 sec minimum. I’m sure there are time-lapse apps for the iphone as well. It’s a cheap solution for anyone who has a compatible phone.

  • Thank you, I just wanted to check with the experts before I spent my money.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Just looked at the R10 manual online.. looks like a winner… Has the 5sec minimum interval (thanks ricoh!). I suppose the gx200 has a little better optics and noise characteristic but if that’s not important to you should rock.

  • I’m thinking of buying a Ricoh R10 to do time lapse. Is this a good purchase, or would you recommend spending the extra on the GX200?

    I want a camera with a zoom, which kind of rules out the GR series.

    Great video! Thanks for uploading.

  • What about matrix wear? What do you think about it? Is it significant after one, say 24-hour session?

  • I talked about this in part 1… It’s not ‘standard’ but many cameras have that interval length and it’s way too long.

  • I have a nikon p6000, it has a time lapse mode which can snap a picture every 30secs. I kinda feel like it’s a little too long, is that the standard?

  • I’m going to guess that it doesn’t have a plug for an external shutter release?? If not it’s going to be tough…

  • Just brought myself a Ricoh GX200, for £265 from Ebay. It’s basically a compact SLR, has amazing reviews and most importantly, has timelapse built in. Recommended.

  • now that chdk is the rage… just about any canon compact can be converted! It’s just a bit of work to get it rolling.

  • the canon A570 give you great photos and you can finalize your video on full HD, the thing is you have to press the shutter after every 15 photos, so you can’t just let the camera do the job, the good thing is you don’t have to pay more that U$700 for a DSLR camera and intervalometer

  • I knew about time lapse because I was looking for a miniDV camera and finally I choose the Sony H62 and it have the feature, you can use intervals from 1 sec to 120sec betew shots, you can leave the camcorder 99 hours taking videos with the intervals. is a really nice camera BUT, when you compare the quality with the digital camera timelapse the miniDV camcorder lost the round.

    Right now I’m using a Canon Powershot A570IS 7MP (around U$170 when I bought in 2007)

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