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Canon Powershot SD4500is v Powershot S95



Buying a point and shoot camera nowadays is a brain frying experience but it really shouldn’t be.

By knowing exactly what you want a camera for, you can eliminate half the information out there.

Things to be taken into account when buying a camera include:

Image Quality: This is the most important factor when deciding on a camera as the end result should be a clean, clear photo.

Budget: In an ideal world we could all afford the best, unfortunately we all have a budget. Bear in mind though that price does not always determine quality.

Size:  A point and shoot camera is normally used by the occasional photographer and so compact dimensions are a factor. It is nice if you can carry the camera in your pocket to be ready for those chance photo opportunities.

So having decided that we are going to buy a camera which one should we choose. Two of the most popular point and shoot cameras available are the SD4500is and the S95, both in the highly respected Canon Powershot range.

I like both these cameras but have decided on only one, I won’t say which because my criteria may be different to yours.

The price for both the S95 and the SD4500is is around the 0 mark and the size of each is comparable so it comes down to image quality.

What will you use the camera for? Taking photos at birthday parties, weddings and other celebrations? Or shooting footage at the kids baseball games or other sporting events?

This is the main deciding factor. Party events tend to be indoors or at night when low lighting is the norm but a sports event is usually well lit and the action is what is important.

For the first option, low light indoor shots the S95 wins hands down. The f2 lens is extremely good for these conditions whilst the SD4500is has only got an f3.8.

The second option, shooting outside at sporting events will probably be better served by the SD4500is. The superior HD video at 1080p and 10x zoom will also offer better quality footage than the S95 720p.

So all that difficult decision making comes down to what you want the camera for without all the wading through numbers which really have no meaning for the majority of us.


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