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Most digital cameras will have an auto setting. With the camera in auto mode several automatic features are set for you and provide point and shoot convenience.

This allows you to begin taking pictures immediately and in many cases will give you excellent results.

There are times, however, when these automatic features are fooled and don’t produce the image you expected.

Unless you understand how the various auto features work, you may not always get the results you expect. In this section the basic functions of each of these automatic settings are explained along with tips on what you can do to gain more control over them.

Knowing how these auto mode features function plus learning a few tips on using them can help you avoid a lot of disappointing results.

No photographer is as good as the simplest camera.
…Edward Steichen…

Just Point and Shoot
How To Use the Fully Automatic Features

You’ll find using your digital camera in the fully automatic mode can often be the best choice in a variety of photo situations.

And knowing how these automatic controls work can help you get better results.

Lesson Category: Digital Camera Auto Modes

  1. Autoexposure
  2. Autofocus
  3. Auto White Balance
  4. Auto Flash

Digital Photography Terms

As you go through these lessons, you may be unfamiliar with some of the terms used, such as f-stops, focal length, shutter speeds, depth of field and so on. If you find that you want a more detailed explanation, you can go to Digital Photography Terms to get additional information.

Compare More Digital Camera Features

While using your camera’s fully automatic mode is often all you need, there are times when you will want more control over your results. This section will cover many of the more common options that are available.

Here’s to better photography …

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