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One of the handy digital camera features to have is Landscape mode. This is also one of those features on your digital camera that can be used in other situations, not just when you are doing landscapes.

Landscape mode is designed to set the f/stop for maximum depth of field. It combines a smaller f-stop with a slower shutter speed so everything is sharp from foreground to background.

By combining nearby objects with distant objects you can add a sense of depth or distance to your image and this is when landscape mode is most effective.

When using this mode, you should focus on a point that is about 1/3 of the distance between the nearest and the most distant objects in your scene.

Also, remember that a slower shutter speed is used in this mode, so be sure that you hold the camera steady during the exposure.

Assignment: Using Landscape Mode

  1. Look for a scene that has both near and far objects, all of which you want to be in focus.
  2. To achieve maximum depth of field, select an object that is about one-third of the distance from the nearest point to the most distant point in your composition. This will be your focus point.
  3. If necessary, use focus lock…pressing the shutter release button half-way down and holding it…and focus on the object you chose as the focus point.
  4. Once focus is locked, recompose your scene and take the picture.

The result should be a photo with acceptable sharpness throughout the entire composition.

Landscape Mode doesn’t have to be used only for landscape photography. Anytime you want greater depth of field, you could use this mode if you prefer it to the other options, such as aperture priority or manually setting the f-stop and shutter speed.

Stitch Assist for Panoramas

Another feature that is popular with landscape photographers is Stitch Assist Mode. This mode is used for creating seamless panoramas. If you enjoy shooting landscapes you might want to give this feature a try.

Here’s to better photography

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