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Q&A: some questions about Canon 550D Digital SLR Camera?



Question by Elise: some questions about Canon 550D Digital SLR Camera?

i am 17 and looking at getting an entry level Digital SLR camera. I would like something which isn’t at the bottom of the range as i am aiming to learn how to use my camera to the best of its ability. I would like to spend not much more than AU$ 1500

I have been quoted $ 1540 for the Canon 550D Digital SLR camera twin IS lens kit (18-55mm IS and 55-250 IS) however my cousin and i will be buying two cameras (may not be the exact model) on the same day in the same store so we will be getting a discount for buying two.
My parents have a Canon film SLR camera which they have a 28-90mm and 100-300mm lens for which i can use also, but i think i would like to have my own lenses as well as interchanging with theirs occasionally.
basically, what i want to know is do you think this is a good idea, and any comments or tips you can give me from your knowledge and experience.
thanks 🙂

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Answer by Nit R
For that amount of money AUS1,500, you can buy a much more advanced camera in the U.S. or Hong Kong. I got a Canon 50D wiith 85-200 mm lens in Hong Kong for that money.

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  • You may be able to get a small discount getting 2 of them but I would also shop around and see who has the best deals. Being in the US, I am not sure where is best to shop where you live.

    The 550D is a brand new Canon model and so discounts will be tougher to find since it is in high demand.

    Below I listed some places that I have shopped from and gotten good deals.

    Hope this helps.


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