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In addition to the full auto mode, many digital cameras have Image Zone Modes that are auto settings that give you more creative control over your photography.

There are times when you may want to choose a specific f-stop, use a faster or slower shutter speed or just have a little more control over the image than you would get when using the point and shoot, auto mode.

Perhaps you want to limit the depth of field so your subject stands out from a busy background, or you want to freeze some action and need the fastest shutter speed… all of these choices are possible when your camera has the image zone modes described below.

Learning what these features are, how they work and how they can apply to different kinds of photography will help you decide which of these options you may want to include when buying a digital camera.

Or if you already have these features on your camera, but were uncertain what they were for or how to use them, then the lessons below will explain them.

Take your photography to new levels of creativity and control by learning about these common features…

Lesson Category: Digital Camera Features

Using Aperture Priority Mode

Using Shutter Priority Mode

Using Portrait Mode

Using Landscape Mode

Stitch Assist Mode

Using Night Scene Mode


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